The gun post

October 8, 2008

Here it is, for all four of you who come here regularly.  The promised gun post.  I like guns.  I think just about everyone should have a gun in their house.  This is somewhat ironic as I don’t own a gun myself, but when I have a job (and therefore money), I intend to get one.  Why?  Here’s why.

First, let’s talk self-defense.  If some raving psychopath broke into my house intent on doing violence to myself or my housemates, even if we called the police right away, we’d be on our own for five minutes at the very least.  That’s more than enough time for at least one of us to get killed.  OR!  We can defend ourselves.  Ultimately, the protection of our lives and property is our own.  The police can help, but that’s all.

How about national defense?  Let’s say some foreign power invades America and southern California becomes occupied territory.  Starting a Red Dawn-style resistance group would be a lot easier if we had some firepower to begin with.  Firepower, by the by, that the federal Congress and the state of California are growing more and more hostile to.

Re: the government’s growing hostility for an armed populace, crank up Iced Earth’s 1776, pull out your copies of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and punch a nearby British guy in the face, because it’s time to get foaming-at-the-mouth, flag-waving, freakin’ CRAZY in here.   Our nation came to be because of armed resistance to tyranny.  I don’t think Washington is bad enough to violently overthrow just yet (though that $700 billion… oh wait, I mean at least $1.8 trillion bailout is a huge mark in the “shoot ’em” column), but it might be in the future.  If (when?) that becomes necessary, I’d like to have something a little more powerful than a rubberband gun.

Furthermore, shouldn’t it inspire more than a little cynicism when those who want to lead us want to disarm us?  Are they afraid that we’ll start shooting them if they keep doing horrible things?  …is that a bad thing?


It turns out that Obama does have executive experience.

October 6, 2008

His executive experience happens to be trying to kill the Second Amendment via a law review journal.  I’d like to go into the topic of gun control and why I’m against it, but I’m going to have to do that at some later time.  Tomorrow night, schedule permitting.

For now, here’s a little (and by little, I mean long as all hell) something to tide you over.