Comic books now 11.8% more realistic

September 26, 2008

From now on, folks who swim the English Channel will be mocked for being unable to fly over it like this guy. He built his own rocket pack.  His name may or may not be Tony Stark.  The name Cliff Secord has also been mentioned.

All he needs now is a landing that doesn’t require a parachute.  As Captain America once said, “Parachutes are for girls.”


Drill here, drill now! …before Congress changes its mind.

September 26, 2008

Did anyone else notice a sharp drop in gas prices when the off-shore drilling moratorium was threatened?  I did.  The gas station near my house dropped its prices about 80 cents in three weeks.  That’s at the mere threat of increased oil production.  Imagine what would happen if said increase in production actually took place.

Or just wait a while and see for yourself, because as of right now, it’s open season on American oil.  Quick!  Turn the oil rigs off the Californian coast back on before the hippies can recover!