Even ACORN admits that ACORN sucks

ACORN, known to have been involved with election fraud in the past and up to their ears in election fraud in the present, now admits that 30% of their 1.3 million voter registration forms have been rejected by various state election officials. They say that “only 1 to 1.5%” are actually fraud, but even if one were to accept their numbers (which, btw, one is not), that’s still 13,000 to 19,500 counts of federal crime.  That’s not exactly a slap on the wrist you’re getting there.

Furthermore, if one were to accept that the aforementioned 30% represent the whole of their “questionable” voter registration forms (which, again, one is not), that’s 390,000 forms gone wrong, say 385,000 that aren’t fraud.  Which is to say, 385,000 cases of sheer incompetence.  Just sayin’, but 30% incompetent is pretty incompetent.

From the linked article:

And let’s not forget ACORN’s history, dating to the ’80s, of trespassing, illegal seizure of private property, physical harassment, intimidation and outright extortion.

Good point.  Hey, here’s a question.  Given ACORN’s left-wing goals for America and Obama’s past association with ACORN, how many of ACORN’s bogus registration forms you figure would have led to bogus votes for McCain/Palin, Barr/Root, or pick-your-favorite-not-Obama/Biden-ticket, had they not been squashed?


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