Don’t ask where Obama’s money is coming from

That’s racist and low and you know it.  So knock it off.  If you even ask about illegal (i.e. unlawful) campaign contributions coming from non-Americans, you’re a degenerate scumbag.  Follow the link and read the comments, you degenerate scumbag.  Then you’ll know what a degenerate scumbag you are.  And also, you’ll be treated this this guy tk and and his great wisdom:

As is the fact that Palin never mentions Ayers by name. she pointedly says “domestic terrorists” conveniently conjuring up Muslim 9/11 terrorists. Check the transcripts and then ask her why she never mentions the word “Ayers” or “Vietnam protest.”. Instead she acts as if the guy is a current terrorist.

Since, y’know… it’s fine if you want to be friends with unrepentant former terrorists, even friends with unrepentant terrorists who later quit being terrorist bombers and become university professors.  Because that’s way different from being friends with a ‘current terrorist.’  And if you have a problem with that, you’re just a tool of the GOP.  You’re practically a sheep.

Also, nothing says ‘degenerate scumbag’ quite like ‘racist,’ so don’t argue against Obama’s presidency.  Don’t you want free fried chicken for everyone?  Except of course a) white people, since white people are the historical oppressors and need their cumupance… the national fried chicken supply will now be paid for by white people as a sort of brown man’s revenge!  …and b) black people, because black people eating fried chicken are just playing into racist stereotypes.

Hat tip: Ace.


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